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No inner circles. No VIP groups. Just an entire year of good old fashioned DIY training, with coaching from Daisy Peel, The Challenge Team Contributors, and your friends. All for less than the price of a single private lesson. All at your fingertips. All for $129 - for the whole year!

get all of the handling exercises from **2018** plus all of the videos for just $29!

How Do You Most Want To Improve Your Agility Game in 2019?

Pick your area of focus and get a free lesson to help you make 2019 your best agility year yet!

Training & Handling

I want to improve my dog training and handling skills so I can be more clear and consistent for my dog!

Mental Toughness & Focus

I want to be more mentally focused and mindful, so I can be fully in the moment with my dog when we're on course together!

Focus & Drive

I want to help my dog be more focused, confident, and driven, so my dog can enjoy the sport to the fullest!

Canine Fitness

I want to improve my dog's fitness, flexibility, coordination and strength, for dog agility, and for life, in a safe and effective manner!

Human Fitness

I want to improve my own fitness, flexibility, coordination and strength, to be a better handler for my dog!

Learn Which Way Wins For MY Dog

I want to learn which path is faster for my dog on an agility course, so we can maximize our times on course!



Coming back in 2019!!

Training was handling and training was only when I signed up for TVKC classes offered in the fall and few private classes through 5 years of Agility. No mental skills. I did not know of purposeful training and mental skills until I signed up for the 2018 Challenge. I only walk for excercise but not much in the dark cold winter. When I joined 2018 Challenge I was more structured in training and handling practice also started beginnings of mental challenge.

The Agility Challenge helped me with purpose full training and mental focus, keeping connection with my dog, training and practice in my own back yard with structure and purpose. Do the best the first time. I realized my mental focus was not there. Now I practice it.

I tell anyone who will listen - JOIN THE AGILITY CHALLENGE! People have told me this past year I have improved. I credit it to Daisy Peel's Agility Challenge. Anyone who is addicted to the sport and is struggling with something they are stuck on - JOIN!!

Working full time and sometimes remotely I just don’t have time for everything the challenge offered. I will be retired December 30, 2018 and I plan on working the 2019 Challenge on training, handling again and now human and dog conditioning also.

My favorite feature was handling. Watching the analysis and demonstration and then working sequences and having them analyzed by Daisy Peel was amazing!

Karen Ricks - Competitor

Thanks for a great year!

Just do it, it’s so well rounded and supportive! Even if you cannot do all of the challenges for the month you have them as a resource when you can. The community support is positive and Daisy is very involved and always has advice that is non judgmental; she's very analytical. ❤️

The Agility Challenge is hands down the best resource to get help and advice. The challenges are very manageable and useful for all venues .

I did the OMD for a six month trial when they first offered it. Meh! The site is full of repeat information and the courses are set up to showcase their moves. Although they do have some good things to offer it’s just not as well rounded. Not even close.

I have found the information here straightforward and have been able to work my young dog up to a solid started dog. The international challenges have been really fun to work on and set up for my classes. The instructions are detailed and the amount of work to make us successful is top notch.

I love the league play courses. Especially when I can work a skill into the course. Even though I am not signed up with a group I often set them up for class. I love the breakdown of course analysis you do , it’s very precise. ?

Sandie Hanlon - Instructor , Challenge Team Member

Revealing The Reviewer in Me

The Agility Challenge has raised my awareness of the importance of purposeful practice not just in terms of my skills and my dogs skills but also in terms of my mindset and mental well being. I had read some books (Gladwell etc) but hadn't seen it practically applied to agility training.

I felt that I needed to be more cohesive and efficient at using my time. My less than structured approach led to doubts which then affected my ability to be a good partner for my dog. The mental skills have also helped massively through some very tough times when BOTH my competing dogs have been seriously injured this year whilst doing agility.

Why are you hesitant? If it is financially beyond your means I would ask you to consider how much you already spend every year on some form of coaching, teaching (whether online or in person). Financially speaking there is literally NOTHING out there that can come close to the value of your investment in this Agility Challenge.

If you are hesitant because you're not sure it's for you because of A: You're brand new with a brand new dog - I would answer that every single month has material that is DESIGNED for total beginners and form so much of the foundation stuff we need to do. or B: You've never been able to get your money's worth from online material simply due to life constraints - time, family issues, personal health etc then my argument to that is that EVERYTHING is available for an unlimited time and there is ZERO pressure to participate from any outside sources (it is only us who apply the pressure to ourselves if we choose to do so) - I have printed every month's material out and I am still doing stuff from 2017. If I could only access all this stuff through an online publication/ebook I totally would and happily pay the same price. That's how comprehensive and diverse and valuable the material is to me. Nothing stops you from picking up where you left off when you need to take a break.

I recommend The Agility Challenge to every single one of my students, my fellow experienced agility competitors and my fellow instructors.

Why? Thoughtful, Purposeful, Quality material and feedback that can be as challenging as you need it to be for where you are in your agility journey right now. 89USD or 120USD a year - I'm getting more than that value out of the material - not just for a year but for the rest of my agility career.

There is nothing out there that runs like this. I have only done time limited specific skills courses - eg One Jump Drills, Running Contacts Anne Lenz. They can't compare as they are very different.

If I have questions they get answered, my handling is critiqued whenever I choose to post it for critiquing, my approach to training has become much more purposeful and structured. The PDFs and the videos that come with each challenge each month - I love the Handling/Which Way Wins and the League play challenges best.

Simone Tolhurst - Challenge Team Member, Club Instructor and Private teacher

The support was incredible!

I am pretty much self taught. I have one girl who is mostly connected but we are missing some connection. I have a wild boy, with little self control or handler focus. I am not in very good condition, my dogs conditioning is mainly from chasing each other around the park. Before The Agility Challenge, I did haphazard unimaginative practice-basically teaching obstacles and a few cues(turn and hear, and obstacle names) We got by in our competitions.

I felt my training and handling were adequate base on earning Qs with my older girl. I didn't even think about mental skills. I did figure I needed to do something to progress in training and handling, but never thought about dog conditioning and only figured I should lose weight and exercise more-tomorrow. I was not aware I should condition my dogs or myself mentally.

As a result of The Agility Challenge, I worked on more purposeful training and handling. I worked on more difficult skills doing sequences I never thought of. And I trained more often. I learned to what it took get the best out of my experienced girl and how much more my young wild boy needed for direction and connection.

The structure and goals for each month is a great way to stay with the program and progress in attainable steps. If you have any questions on any of the challenge parts the feedback is so helpful, both by the leaders and by the other members. Nowhere will you find so much information and help for such a tiny price. It has been worth every penny even when couldn't participate in all the challenges. (and I am a penny pincher) And I learned a lot of things that I didn't know I didn't know.

I gained a lot of information from all aspects of this Challenge. The support was incredible. Not only directly from the leaders but from reading the support of others. I don't feel there is an instructor in my area that meets my needs-either experience or availability-giving lessons during the day or weekends when I am at trials. So having such informed and experience leaders has been so useful for me

I like the badge and point earning system. I do much better if I have a goal, so knowing I have to complete an area to get the points kept me on track for most of the challenge!

Dino Candelaria - Challenge member, agilty compeditor

I can now run a 5k comfortably

The precision handling exercises are such great practice drills and perfect for me as I train on my own most of the time. It's really great to be able to see you run the drills with your dogs and then to have a go at the same exercises and handling. So good for Jim and I and we all love a shaping challenge! The handler fitness challenges have kick started some new daily habits, most notably a rekindled interest in running and I can now run a 5K comfortably. This alone has made me a better handler for Jim who is whippet x collie and so fast! I'm so glad I signed up for The Agility Challenge and very grateful to have access beyond the end of the year so I can catch up properly and really looking forward to the next Agility Challenge too! Big thank you for everything so far :-) xx

Nicki B - Agility Competitor

Amazing Place to Start!

Before this I did not know about deep practice or HOW to train for myself or my dog on a daily basis. In The Agility Challenge there were so many great a new person how could I list them all....everything from proprioception to handling skills - --and I still every day think about my start lines and the keeping the connection! I tell everyone about the agility challenge. What seems to be the easiest selling point is the price - it is ridiculously inexpensive to receive so much amazing work and feedback compared to just one workshop or a few ring rentals by me!

I am desperate for friends to be involved locally so I can talk about it in real time face to face with people but also I want to participate in league play next year. Why? The depth and breadth of what is included in this year. For me as a newbie learning together with my first agility dog it has been an amazing experience where a month of curriculum really does give me a month and more of skills to work on.

I've learned to carve out 5 and 10 minute intervals to work on small, isolated skills as a result of The Agility Challenge!

For me this year one of the best things was the ability to go back and go over challenges again and again. Next year I hope it will be participating at a level where I can submit videos and receive feedback.

I've done short or archived courses from Daisy Peel and Susan Garrett. This does not compare -- it is apples and a baker full of apple tartan and a never ending variety of apple pies!

Caryn Meirs - Agility Challenge 2018 Member

Deliberate practice changes everything!

Before the challenge I was not familiar with Deliberate Practice. I had a fairly strong skill set but after a year off for some ortho surgery I felt I needed some guidance and motivation to get back in the groove and find my optimum zone again. Little did I know how deeply Purposeful Deliberate Practice would alter my path.

I discovered while working through the year 2018 Agility Challenge that there were areas that I was not paying enough attention to and learned to pay attention to areas that I hadn't thought of. Because the Challenge addresses every aspect of what is important it gave me a wonderful roadmap to improve on what I had and add in components that were missing. I embraced every category of challenge to the best of my ability and have improved so much in everything from mindfulness to fitness to training to....well everything.

For anyone who is hesitant about joining the challenge I would say "You have nothing to lose and everything to gain". It is an all inclusive and well thought out program that will provide you with so many insights and challenges. Combine that with a super supportive online community and how could you do anything other than learn, improve, be motivated and have fun with your dog.

To any dog and handler team who is interested in self improvement. It is geared for all levels and there is something for everyone.

I have not tried other programs like this because the Challenge is unique unto itself.

The main benefit I experienced was always having support for any area that I was working on. I could ask questions, post videos, converse with other agility handlers and never felt as if I was on my own.

Impossible to pick just one :).

janet lundy - agility enthusiast

I tried different fitness and mental exercises for both my dogs and myself that I would probably not have tried otherwise. I liked that there were courses available that I could use and not do the same thing all the time. Where I needed help it was available. I like working with a range of people and seeing different ideas of how to do things. I loved the variety and the accountability over the full year without having to achieve everything. I also loved being able to download all the videos to watch later since my internet connection is not great!

The Agility Challenge is great with lots of ideas in a range of fields and it provides an incentive to keep working on little pieces. I would recommend The Agility Challenge to anybody doing dog agility who wants to improve their results or get more from their dog!

Beverley - competitor

A year of focused growth

Before the challenge I had focused mainly on training the obstacles. I took several group classes. One did not address handling skills and stategies and the other did but there was not homework or plans to help teach the handling skills I needed in competition.I had never heard of purposeful practice and thought the amount of time you trained was the key so I trained some of the things I was most comfortable with for most of my practice.I sometimes practiced mistakes over and over too!

Before the challenge I was focused on human and dog conditioning but had not focused on the mental and emotional challenges.The challenge helped me set goals and get clear about what I knew and didn’t know . I thought I knew how to do a front cross because I had done some of them successfully but didn’t understand the timing and where to do them vs a rear cross or a blind cross. I had not proofed many of the behaviors my dog “knew” and was shocked at how much we had to learn

This monthly agility class(the challenge) is so cheap...less than $10 a month and has so much information. You can do all of it or pick and chose what works for you and your dog(s).I tried it all! For me the training and handling challenges were fabulous. Daisy not only analyzes the sequences but demonstrates them in regular and slow motion. She give you skills to train first to be successful with the sequences.That format is brilliant.In reading and trying out which way is faster I got to know my dog better and could apply that to trialing. The facebook sight has lots of great suggestions and articles from fellow members too.

I would recommend the challenge to all level of agility dog trainers. There is a special foundation section for puppies(and older dogs) and I found that when I tried skills and sequences that I thought were above our level with practice we were successful and my confidence level is very high now. I also recommend it to any person that does not have a training buddy. The challenge became my training buddy!

I have never joined an online course before. But the hardest part for me is not having great internet and computer skills. That was sometimes frustrating.

I love the confidence The Agility Challenge gave me! Love for challenges and using “failure” as a tool to excel rather than thinking about being a failure! It is a great combination to guarantee success in the ring.

The training and handling challenges were my favorite. Even though the facility I practice in in 40x60 I have been able to set up most of the small league and challenges!

Jane Megard - Team member of the challenge and Bodhi is my first dog to train

I have great confidence and success as a handler because of The Challenge!

We were 2017 members and felt we continued to deepen our commitment to purposeful training in 2018. We are a much more solid team than we were this time last year! This program is helping me achieve expertise that would not be available in my local are and on a limited budget.

If people are on the fence with respect to joining The Challenge, I always tell them to go for it! What holds people back is they find it hard to believe they get so much content! Many are reluctant to go beyond what local trainers tell them (they seem to think it is disloyal or the local trainer will give them any training they need even if the person is not a very skilled trainer).

I have joined several programs before but like this one the best, both from a content and a community standpoint.

The Agility Challenge has given me greater confidence and success as a trainer and handler. I love the community and ways to refresh dog conditioning practice. Mindfulness has been a HUGE surprise this year and is helping me in my everyday life.

Barbara Scanlan - Challenge Team Member

I really like it

First I do not have a "common breed", I have a 3 yrs old Leonberger. I take local classes at the kennel club and with a private instructor. When I heard Daisy was coming I jumped on the opportunity as a friend with Leos in lower 48 told me how good Daisy was. I did not know much about anything ;)

The Agility Challenge pushed me and posting videos and the feedback is great!

I was not sure also what it was but having the maps.. then you watch video of the line.... and then the practice video with dogs.... and it is like being in class.... I try the run and do not always do like Daisy as I do not have a BC... and then send the video and wait for feedback .... and the feedback is awesome!

I highly recommend The Agility Challenge for ANYBODY and especially people like me with limited resource for variety of instructor and WORLD CLASS ones ;) Daisy's analysis and demonstration videos in the Handling Challenges are so so educational, THANK YOU!

Magali Philip - Challenger member since August 2018

Great value!

I'm an average to above average level handler with knowledge that I needed lots of improvement to get where I wanted to be.There is a ton of valuable information and tools and it’s easy to choose just the parts you need...or do it all! I found the combination of handling exercises with analysis, demo and related training information to be extremely useful. I would recommend The Agility Challenge to anyone serious about improving their skills!

Rondi Potter - “Not super competitive but absolutely love the game” competitor

Before I joined The Agility Challenge I was continually SEEKING ... Looking for answers for myself. Im confident in my dog training skills. I have a reasonable base line fitness wise - Im not as fit as I want to be right now. The MAIN allure of the challenge for me is the handling challenge, Daisy's feedback and the ideas - so many amazing BIG ideas. The ideas have been game changing :) I tell everyone that they should join!

Anyone who can work somewhat independently and who enjoys thinking about their training will love The Agility Challenge! I've done a few online courses and also did a few years of the OMD premium membership. I can honestly say that I love The Agility Challenge best of all. The PRICE is right, the feedback and generous sharing of information - well I love it and can see growth in my abilities in all areas!

Catherine Thomas - Elementary school teacher, dog trainer, agility competitor, occassional breeder of Miniature American Shepherds

There's no better online resource

I have always believed in training and encouraging an all round relationship with my dogs. I seek out opportunities to accomplish that goal.

There are many, many things that I can improve on in my dog training. I know that The Agility Challenge can definitely help me.

There's no better online resource. So many aspects of training, handling, mental preparation, and fitness are covered. You get SO much value for a modest fee.

The Agility Challenge is great for handlers of every level. There's so much for the beginner, the more advanced, and even the most experienced handler!

I've been in many online agility groups. The Challenge offers the most comprehensive content and group participation and feedback. And all of this comes at a very affordable price. I love the feeling of community.

Joe Stewart - Challenge Team Member


Before joining, even though I'd begun acquiring our own equipment for practice at home, I lacked the knowledge to know WHAT to practice, so that my efforts were essentially random. The Agility Challenge was invaluable in helping me achieve some focus -- focus not just on goals, because the goals were enhanced by the information and support I needed to learn how to work toward those goals. I learned to appreciate the way the different categories of the challenges build upon each other.

Before joining, I was relying mostly upon a semi-weekly agility class. We still participate in that, but it's the work we've done in the challenges that have made the big difference in our progress (on many levels). Yes, I knew there were things we needed work on, but I didn't know how to do that work (until the Challenge). And yes, even though I consider myself a pro-active thinker (sometime too much so), there were plenty of things I wasn't even aware of, that the Agility Challenges helped us with.

I cannot imagine how you could regret joining this program. The instruction is of the very highest quality. The feedback (from both Daisy, the co-instructors, and the many knowledgeable participants) is quick, instructive, and very supportive. My dog I are at the lower end of the expertise spectrum, and unlike in other online programs where the focus is on the very-highest level competition levels -- there is learning and support here for every level.

One of the strengths of the Agility Challenge that I see is that it's of benefit to nearly every level of serious agility enthusiast. For those at the top levels who are seeking to finesse their game -- there's a wealth of information and feedback. For others (like me and my off-breed mutt) who are seriously hooked but not competing at high levels, there's so much for us to learn, and so much support offered.

I've done two other online courses and haven't really had complaints about them -- I learned things. But neither came close to comparing to how the instruction, feedback and group support of the Agility Challenge have motivated and encouraged me to push our skills and improve our practice (and really, our LIVES) -- and on a DAILY basis. The input of all the instructors and the participants comes together in a magical way to encourage and motivate me to keep at it every single day...

Debbie Laxague - Team member, novice level

This is the perfect yearlong course format

This is the perfect yearlong course format, which offers monthly work lessons covering both human and dog conditioning, skills and handling. The cost and effort allows otherwise overly committed agility handlers to jump in with all or some each month or when they have the right time/set up to cover a section. Impressive communication regarding timing and review comments from Daisy on an individual basis. I am in for sure next year!

Karen V - Agility Competitor

The Challenge was absolutely a DEAL

I've thoroughly enjoyed the Agility Challenge for two years now and will be signing up for a third. The challenge was so multi-faceted. The dog training, handling and personal fitness challenges were great but there was so much more! Daisy and other community members often recommend books and other resources for both self improvement and dog training skills. The community was friendly and supportive. The Challenge was absolutely a DEAL. Thank you Daisy Peel I'm very grateful for your passionate and generous sharing of your knowledge.

Catherine T - Agility Competitor

I did it my way!

My experience in training and handling was three 6 week session at an Agility School in Quebec, Canada. My instructor ended up joining The Agility Challenge and I did as well.

I love The Agility Challenge more because it's a complete program with not too much that you don't know where to start. It covers just about everything in a simple way. You can navigate as you wish in it, no pressure. And the price... well it's the BEST I've seen. I got the best of the best. Really like having different views of skills.

I love that I can download videos to watch later whether I have internet or not. And it's well organised and documented so if I want to practice one skill, I know where to look!

Colette Boudreau - Challenge team member


The 2019 Agility Challenge builds a community around shared agility training experiences for the dogs, for the handlers, and for the dog-handler teams. Challengers can choose from a menu of exercises, training plans, course designs, and more - just what they need to improve their own skills. For less than the cost of a one hour private lesson with a top instructor like Daisy Peel, there’s a whole year of agility improvement!

Is The Agility Challenge a class? Is it a club? A discussion group? What IS it?

The Agility Challenge is unlike any online agility course you've ever taken 

The Agility Challenge is more than just another online course. It's part fitness and conditioning training, part agility handling and training course, part coaching, and all community. The Challenge will provide you with daily, weekly, and monthly activities to work on with your dog...for a whole year.

This is not just another online course! The Agility Challenge is a yearlong program designed to motivate  you to reach for your best agility year yet, with content, activities, and coaching designed to help  you focus on purposeful, deliberate practice, and FUN - regardless of your agility experience level!

Just getting started? Been doing agility for decades? All levels are welcome! We are a community of learners who represent all the best of agility. Join Daisy Peel and The Challenge Team community to further your training, handling, fitness, conditioning, and mental management skills...for a whole year!


Each month of the year, there are 10 different challenges, from 10 different categories!

Check out the categories below!

In addition to these monthly Challenges, you'll also get access to:

  • An amazing and supportive online community of fellow Challenge Team Members from all over the world!
  • Weekly newsletters to help keep you on track with your training and to help you develop your skills at purposeful, deliberate practice.
  • Once a month live coaching calls with Daisy Peel (and, by the way, just ONE of these coaching calls costs more than an entire year in The Agility Challenge!)

what will the agility challenge do for you?

  • The Agility Challenge will keep you focused on purposeful training. It's so much more than just agility equipment and handling. Training is broken down each month into areas most people will never focus on, left to their own devices. The Agility Challenge  will give you a chance to learn the depth of training necessary to be successful.
  • With The Agility Challenge, you gain a community of support. Expert agility people make it look easy, but with everyone in the community (The Challenge Team) sharing what is difficult, or that they are behind or have frustrations and successes just like you, you'll always know you're not alone. The community will support you from the posting of your first video to your first competition, all the way to...wherever you want to go! 
  • The Agility Challenge will help you move your agility training forward,  and give you better goals and so much more to consider than simply agility. You'll enjoy all the content available throughout the year, and all the great discussions that the Challenge Team engages in!
  • Live in the middle of nowhere, or far away from regular instruction? For many of us, most of our training happens alone.  The Agility Challenge will give you the same opportunities that more expert handlers in larger cities have available. No discrimination for being in the middle of nowhere and membership for an entire year for one ridiculously low price.



  • Daily activities. Small activities that don't take much time or space, engaged in on a daily basis and according to the principles of deliberate practice, contribute to habits of excellence, allowing you to stay focused on the moments you spend with your dog, and to maximize your learning and training time together.
  • Weekly Motivation. We all need a little kick in the pants sometimes! In addition to the weekly newsletter, tips for training, handling, focus, nutrition, and fitness, both canine and human, will give you more tools for your training toolbox, and get you thinking about how to be creative in your training.
  • Monthly Topics. Each month will focus on a different broad topic. Rear crosses, front crosses, blind crosses, distance work - these topics and more will focus your training and handling each month, in addition to the daily activities you choose to work on with your dog in the categories of handling, training, nutrition, fitness, and focus. Training and handling tips, courses, and demonstration videos from Daisy Peel and her dogs will help get you started on the topic for the month, and give you guidance.
  • League Play. What is League Play? Agility Challenge League Play consists of courses that you can set up as an individual or as part of a team, and run for friendly competition against your Challenge Team Member peers! There will be league play courses for large as well as small spaces each month, so regardless of your training space, you can participate!
  • Goals for the whole year. The goal for the 2019 Agility Challenge is to provide you with just enough structure to give you direction and focus, without constricting you to go down a path that doesn't feel right for you and your dog. Whether you're just getting into the sport of dog agility, or you've been around for decades, The Agility Challenge and the Challenge Team Community will help you and your dog progress! The Challenge Team Community discussion group provides a safe space to explore just about any dog agility related topic, and the Challenge Team Members bring a wealth of information to the group.


This is the perfect yearlong course format, which offers monthly work lessons covering both human and dog conditioning, skills and handling. The cost and effort allows otherwise overly committed agility handlers to jump in with all or some each month or when they have the right time/set up to cover a section. Individual coaching from Daisy Peel, as well as help and discussion from your fellow Challenge Team Members means you'll never be alone in your training. Have a handling or training question? Ask the Challenge Team. Need ideas for training, handling, conditioning, fitness, or mental focus? Ask the Challenge Team.


Don't worry! Life is busy, and it can easy to feel like you're falling behind. The Agility Challenge is designed to help you wherever you are with your training and handling, even if you have to take a break during the year. You'll always be able to go back and benefit from previous months' challenges, and you'll never get left behind.


Never fear! Small space training and handling activities will allow you to participate even when the weather or access to larger training spaces threatens to derail your progress! 

here's a reminder of what you get!

  • Monthly ​Challenges in 10 different categories, with the opportunity for feedback and discussion
  • A weekly Newsletter with training tips, motivation, user submitted articles, and more
  • Monthly League Play Competition
  • Access to The Challenge Community - a supportive and knowledgeable group of like minded agility handlers!

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